Priya Bathija: "If Mohit Malhotra Had Got Touchy-Feely With Me, I Would've Slapped Him And Not Locked Myself In Van!"

Daayan TV actress Priya Bathija has had enough since the last six months and this is the last thing she wanted. This morning, she got up to read that Mohit Malhotra from her show has been getting touchy-feely with her and one such instance made so uncomfortable that she locked herself up in a vanity van.

Talking to about two hours ago, Priya said that the news which has sprung up since morning is absolutely untrue. "Somebody is planting this story, deliberately. It is in very bad taste," she added. When prodded further, Priya said, "If Mohit had got touchy-feely with me, I would've slapped him and not locked myself in vanity van! Mohit did not misbehave with me."

Priya Bhatija Mohit Malhotra Tinaa Dattaa

Priya Bhatija, Mohit Malhotra Tinaa Dattaa

Not too long ago, Mohit had been accused on similar lines by another Daayan actress, Tinaa Dattaa.Tinaa had spoken to EXCLUSIVELY and EXHAUSTIVELY (March 3) about it.

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For those who've come in late, Priya is fighting a big battle with her estranged husband DJ Kawaljeet, whom she told in an EXCLUSIVE and EXHAUSTIVE interview (April 29), used to induge in domestic violence. Confirming that DJ Kawaljeet treated her aggresively and roughly, she had said, "Let me tell you, that it was a case of domestic violence and one day it grew really out of hand."

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Priya had also complained against DJ Kawaljeet at the Oshiwara Police Station. "It’s unfortunate that it had to end this way! He made me sign the divorce papers by mutual consent; my Dad just wanted it to end so I complied. I believe in second chances and I believe in forgiving. I had hoped to forgive Kawal, who married me on false pretexts, that there was vital information about his life that was hidden from me and my family which we later found out.

Despite that, I did not receive the respect I deserved and was only subjected to physical and emotional trauma, the proof of which can be found in the medical bill and the police complaint filed by my family and me."

As of now, Priya and DJ Kawaljeet are soon expected to file for divorce.

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