Priyank Sharma Shares A Dance Video With Natasa Stankovic; Calls Her A Star! Benafsha Soonawalla, Are You Listening?

Reality TV stars often hit the news for their love stories and breakups. And this time, it is Priyank Sharma who has again made headlines. had earlier reported that there was trouble in Benafsha Soonawalla and Priyank Sharma's paradise due to his closeness with Natasa Stankovic. Whispers were abound that Priyank was smitten by Natasa after they did a video recently and Benafsha, who obviously has her sources to keep a tab on her BF, was not amused.

However, Natasa cleared the air between Priyank and herself about the pictures they were putting up on their social media handles which were to only promote their video. After her quote, Benafsha was all cheered up. And today, the actor shared a dancing video with Natasa Stankovic on his Instagram, which is stating that despite her GF's differences with Natasa, he still dares to share the video on Instagram.​

In the video, both Priyank and Natasa are seen matching the steps. While sharing a video on Instagram, the actor wrote, "Thank you so much @natasastankovic__ for being a part of this and giving it all of you when we had such a short span of time , and speacilly dealing and tolerating me my friend YOU ARE A STAR @aasthagill @sonymusicindia @sonymusic_north @sultanofficial #saaraindia"

While the video looks pretty amazing, so is Benafsa all okay with this now? Kyuki kehne aur dekhne mein farak hota hai. Did Benafsha felt the pinch? Ouch!

Image Source:- Instagram/natasastankovic__priyanksharmaaa

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