Priyanka Chopra celebrates Vice President Kamala Harris's Vogue cover

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Priyanka Chopra celebrates Vice President Kamala Harris
Priyanka Chopra celebrates Vice President Kamala Harris

11 Jan 2021: Priyanka Chopra celebrates Vice President Kamala Harris's Vogue cover

The February 2021 issue of Vogue magazine will have Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on its cover.

That calls for celebration by all people of color, and Bollywood-cum-Hollywood diva Priyanka Chopra is ensuring that her words praising Harris, who has set many records politically, get read, absorbed and understood.

Soon after Vogue teased the images, Chopra shared one image and wrote extensively about Harris.

Identity: Chopra also mentions Capitol Hill riot, calls it a 'horror'

Chopra started her note on Harris's ascent to power by underlining the Capitol Hill riot last week, recounting its "horror."

She then listed the records Harris has achieved after becoming the Vice President-elect, and eventually the 49th Vice President of USA after Mike Pence.

"A woman of color" and one "whose parents were born outside the US" were few of Harris's identities Chopra celebrated.

Instagram note: 'It's hard to believe that this is the US' first!'

Chopra also drew parallels with Indian female political leaders as Harris is the first woman to become the US' Vice President.

"It's hard to believe that this is the US' first! But it surely won't be the last!" wrote the actor.

There have been over 2,700 comments on the post with over 570K likes.

That's a hint of how widespread Harris's popularity is.

Fact: Chopra hails the 'positive example of leadership' in Harris

Details: Photography wrong? Vogue criticized over Harris's image

But not all is good for Vogue.

The publication received flak online over the image quality it has chosen to lead the February cover.

The same image that Chopra praised seems to have its lighting wrong and the skin tone of Harris incorrect.

The backlash was also rife for another image of Harris, where she's striking a different pose in a different attire.

Reaction: Twitterati bashes Vogue editing; Harris's images accused of 'whitewashing'

The photographs by Tyler Mitchell have gone under scrutiny with Twitterati calling out Vogue editor for not paying enough attention to the HSL (Hue, Saturation, and Luminance) value of images of people of color like Harris.

However, Vogue representatives defended the choices.

"Ms Harris herself picked the green and pink background because those were the colors of her college sorority," a source claimed.

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