What Priyanka Chopra dreams?

Becoming a name to reckon with in the international world of glamour is not enough for Priyanka Chopra as the actor also dreams to see Hindi cinema appeal to the global audience. Priyanka felt emotional when her upcoming venture 'The Sky in Pink' received a standing ovation at the Toronto International Film Festival as the audience included people from around the world.

"What made me emotional was the audience in the theatre was not just Indian, they were North Americans, Canadians and many more which were not just Hindi speaking people," explained the 'Mary Kom' actor. They reacted to the sub-titles that were there in our film and they stood up and applauded after reading the subtitles, she said.

"The fact that the movie transcended language and borders, that made me emotional because it's my dream to see Hindi cinema appeal to a global audience," said Priyanka.