Priyanka Chopra Was HUMILIATED In Front Of Akshay Kumar By Saroj Khan's Son During Andaaz Shoot!

Swikriti Srivastava

Priyanka Chopra is one of the most inspiring actresses of the B-town. She's a superstar who earned a name and fame for herself both in the East and West with elan - and has made India proud with her fabulous work and achievements! The actress is currently on a promotion spree as her upcoming film, The Sky Is Pink, is inching towards the theatre. In her recent tete-a-tete with The Ranveer Show, Priyanka reveals an interesting story about her initial days in the industry and how she learnt to change the game and later, went on to carve a niche for herself!

When Priyanka Was Scolded For Not Getting The Choreography Right

Priyanka Chopra reveals, "I was 18 when I started getting movie offers and that time, I thought being an actor means wearing nice clothes, getting make up done, saying your lines and dancing. It was very trivial in my head."

Here's What Had Happened

She later revealed that when she was shooting a romantic number with Akshay Kumar for Andaaz, she didn't get the choreography right. She said, "I remember Raju Khan was the choreographer, the son of Saroj Khan. He threw his mic down and said 'Just because you're Miss World, you think you can become an actress. Go learn how to dance and then come back to perform'".

What Did Priyanka Do?

Priyanka further revealed that luckily, at that point of time, Akshay's wife, Twinkle Khanna went into labour and owing to the same reason, the entire team took a short break and came back to India. Priyanka, on the other side, started learning dancing from Pandit Veeru Krishnan and learned Kathak from him within six months.

Priyanka Learnt Her First Lesson

Priyanka concluded by saying that that day she realized that there's something powerful about having a knowledge. She said, "If you learn, if you have an ambition to be somewhere, if you prepare yourself, you have the ability to be better than everyone else."

Isn't that inspiring? Way to go, PeeCee!

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