Priyanka Chopra's Outfits Which Daddy Didn't Want Her To Wear, Lockdown In The US With Nick Jonas- Mummy Madhu Chopra's UNFILTERED INTERVIEW- EXCLUSIVE

We spoke to Priyanka Chopra's mother Madhu Chopra just a while back to know how Priyanka, Nick, Siddharth and she are coping during the present tough times.

Here's what transpired:

Where are you? Mumbai or the US?

I am in Mumbai. Taken sanyas.


Forced sanyas!

Yes, you can say that. Locked, locked and locked!

You must be in touch with Priyanka more than usual...

Yes, the situation in the US is very bad. I am on Facetime with her, quite a few times in the day.


Yahan ke lockdown ka kya lagta hai? Will it go beyond April 14?

Lockdown ka toh pata nahi but there has been a spike in the number of cases. Situation is, of course, not good.

Read today in one of Priyanka's interviews that your husband Dr Ashok Chopra didn't like it when she wore tight dresses...

It wasn't exactly like that. You see she was 15/16 and had returned from the US. My husband simply didn't approve of the glamorous Western wear that she had started donning. You see,  we were in Rai Barelli then.


And trust me, ek din bolne ke baad, she came to her Indian wear.

She never hurt us. She is a very intelligent girl.

Surely, her success can't be just luck. The brain has to come into play...


So, how are you utilising your time in the current times of lockdown?

Well, kaam bahut hai. No maids. It's just my son Siddharth and I. Lekin mujhe bada achcha lagta hai sab kuch khud karna.

Not tough?

Am used to it. We are from an army background na? How are you guys managing?

Well, we are working from home...

Yes, I have been reading a lot of news in the digital space since the past few days. I end up reading more than I did otherwise.

Image Source:- Instagram/priyankachopra/madhumalati,pinterest

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