Preity Zinta Puts Out her ‘Final Statement’ on Me Too

Preity Zinta, who is all set to make her comeback to the Indian film industry, apologised for her comments on #MeToo in an interview, that sparked criticism.

Speaking to Bollywood Hungama, Zinta made some comments on the movement that shocked many.

The actor said she “feels bad” when women use the ‘Me Too’ campaign for publicity or for personal vendetta. She added that one can’t change the world and must focus on how you want to be treated.

Why so tone-deaf, Preity?

“I Do Feel Bad When Women Use It When It's Not That Serious or for Personal Vendetta or for Publicity”

If I may ask, what is the real meaning of “not so serious” in the first place? Over the past several weeks, women have come out with horrifying stories of how men in power harassed them and made work and personal lives miserable for them.

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Only last month, in light of Tanushree Dutta’s case, she said:

"It’s really sad when people turn around and say that this woman is lying and she is doing it for publicity because no woman does it for publicity. " - Preity Zinta

An enthusiastic Preity Zinta cheering on her IPL team Kings XI Punjab at a match.

“I Wish I Had Dealt with Me Too”

When the Bollywood Hungama interviewer asked Preity if she’s had a ‘Me too’ experience, Preity laughed and said, “I wish I I’d have an answer to tell you.”

No, no, no, no, no....Preity, you DON’T wish that. We like that you firmly believe that people are good and safe in the industry but that could be just your experience.

“People Treat You How You Want to Be Treated”

Honestly, we’d love that scenario. But saying this is a subtle way of saying – “she was asking for it”. Nobody asks to be treated badly, sexually harassed or assaulted. Women have come out with instances where they repeatedly demanded respect and asked their harassers to back off, and were still ill-treated.

Moreover, we can’t even imagine what you’d say about women being too shocked in that moment when faced with such a situation.

“If I’ll Go There and Say I’ll Do Anything. Then You’ll Be Stupid to Not Ask Me to Do Anything”

Sorry, Preity - with that one statement, you toss the hard work women have put in through the years to prove their mettle into the bin. Do you really mean that when women say “I’ll do anything” they want people to take advantage of them and treat them as sex objects?

“Aaj Ki Sweetu, Kal Ki Me Too Ho Sakti Hai!”

From saying “I know this is a serious topic”, you went on to crack a sexist joke, and then to laugh and snigger about it. If you really thought it’s serious, you wouldn’t trivialise it by cracking jokes, it’s really as simple as that.

In an interview to The Quint earlier, Preity had clearly said that no woman accuses a man of sexual harassment for publicity. You can watch the interview here.

Preity Zinta later took to social media to say that the interview was “edited to trivialise and be insensitive” and that she expected better from the website.

You can watch the full interview with Bollywood Hungama here:

Preity Zinta Breaks Silence On Her Controversial Comment on #MeToo

Preity Zinta has formally put out her statement after excerpts from an interview she recently gave to a media house, landed her in the controversy.

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