Product review: Natural Ayurvedic deodorants and Garlic oil pills

Natural Ayurvedic deodorants from Ohria

Afraid of all the chemicals loaded in your deo? You might want to give Ayurvedic deodorants from Ohria Ayurveda a shot. Free of harmful chemicals (like parabens), they are a blend of herbs like Khus grass, Mint, Aloe Vera, Yashtimadhu, Alum, Menthol, Bilva leaves, Anantmool and Nagarmootha. These selected ingredients create an effective blend, act as an astringent, detoxifies, evens skin tone and is anti-inflammatory. We tried Raatrani & Mint Natural Deodorant and Amaltas & Khus Natural Deodorant. The fragrance is pleasant and not harsh or alcoholic. They also stay a bit longer than other deos. Only problem is, if you perspire a lot, you might need to reuse it. Raatrani & Mint (Rs.750 for 50 ml) and Amaltas & Khus (Rs.795 for 50 ml) are a tad expensive compared to other branded deodorants, but a safe bet considering they are chemical-free.

Pure Nutrition presents Garlic oil pills

The medicinal uses of garlic in food need no detailed explanation. Consumed raw in the morning, it helps not only in controlling blood pressure, but also helps in controlling cholesterol. Filled with several anti-oxidants, garlic is good for heart patients too. The only problem that people often experience is the mouth odour after its consumption. But now, fans of garlic can rejoice because garlic oil pill is here to save you from mouth odour. Brought to you by Pure Nutrition, this pill works as a replacement for garlic. The only drawback is the price. For those willing to pay Rs.998 for a pack of two and each pack contains 30 capsules, will find it a good replacement for garlic. Please note, this doesn't work as a food ingredient and can't be used in cooking. This is for oral consumption only. Pure Nutrition also has a range or other vegetarian supplements and products like Progut Plus, which helps in strengthen your digestive system. This supplement is ideal for frequent travellers, people with weak digestive systems, as well as those struck by acute diarrhoea. Progut Plus can also help in the management of inflammatory bowel diseases too. We suggest seeking doctor consultation before starting any new supplement. Price: Rs 1499 for 60 vegetarian capsules.