Product Reviews: New Cottonworld collection to Nykaa lip balms

Natural wonders

‘Wake up to Nature’ is the new Cottonworld collection, stressing on ‘Zero Digital Distortion. 100% Natural’. Cottonworld makes a conscious effort to have most of the knits made using organic cotton. They have also extended their support to the local artisans by choosing block printed fabrics from Jaipur.

The effort continues to support organic cotton farmers with their association with the NGO Chetana Vikas (based in Warda, Maharashtra, the NGO helps 5,000 families, thus reaching close to 20,000 individuals.) Now to the most important question: How does it look? Well, it will probably be love at first sight. The collection features some real beauties, the uniqueness of the art making the garments stand out. From dresses (love the printed one with the lace hem), to tops, shirts and pants, it’s all about being real, sustainable and grounded.

Price: Rs. 690 onwards


Lip love

Nykaa has forayed into the territory of lip balms – that one product that every woman needs on hand. After the successful launch of the adorable Macaron lip balm set comes the Serial Kisser lip balm, in a pretty packaging of its own. Available in 8 fruity flavours, the balms are enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba and almond oil. It is a 100 percent vegan and paraben free product. The common issue faced by lip balm users is that the product leaves lips feeling dry. We tried the mild scented grape balm and noticed that it left a creamy texture on the lips. We could owe it to the vitamin E that packs in the moisture in these balms. We also preferred the twist-up style of these lip balms in contrast to the Macaron lip balm range.

Price: Rs. 149

lip Balms

Heads up

Korean beauty brand Innisfree has launched their Camellia Hair Range, featuring Camellia Oil sourced from Jeju Camellia seeds. Camellia has been traditionally used by women for hundreds of years and is scientifically known to restore scalp health by treating the problems faced due to stress and environmental pollution. The range includes massage oil, oil serum, shampoo and conditioner.

Heads up

We tried the Camellia Essential Head Massage Oil which is specially created for Indian hair which is dry and thick. We massaged the sweet smelling oil into our scalp and it was such a welcome contrast to our regular coconut champi. It didn’t leave our scalp oily, even after a single wash. And, the best part is that it doesn’t need to be used only with the other products of the range. We paired it with our regular shampoo and it did the job just fine!

Price: Rs. 1200 (200 ml)