The Pros And Cons Of Home Surveillance

The Pros And Cons Of Home Surveillance
The Pros And Cons Of Home Surveillance

In India, maternity leave is currently for six months. This allows a new mom to spend quality time with her baby and to recover from the delivery. While some can afford the luxury to quit their jobs to focus on bringing up the child, the rest have to work in order to support the family. Yes, there a few moms who also work out of choice and between home and office.


At such times, it is best to get a relative to look after the baby but if that’s not possible then one can keep a nanny. If you are worried about your kid’s safety in your absence, home surveillance becomes one option to keep a track of what's going on at home. While most parents get a baby monitor or a video baby monitor, nowadays there are way more advanced systems available in the market. Read on to know the pros and cons of this safety method.


Advantages of Home Surveillance


You’ll know exactly what’s going on at home and this will give you a lot of peace of mind.


If the caretaker is aware of the home security system, s/he will be more efficient and is less likely to slack at the job. This makes the staff more accountable as they know that they are being watched.


It can be used from anywhere. With multiple advancements in technology, all video surveillance systems can be accessed from any location. You simply need to log in from a laptop or mobile phone and you will be able to view everything.


Some of security camera systems even have a mobile app which makes the tracking much easier. These work best on wi fi or a fast internet connection. The cloud storage option is also available in most advanced systems.


Some of these systems can even communicate with the authorities for you.  If you notice that something is going wrong, you can send an alert to the local cops or a phone number of your choice. This feature, however, will vary in different brands and countries.


The motion sensor or motion detection feature in these devices helps track any sudden movements in an area that you have highlighted.


Just in case things go horribly wrong, the footage of an indoor security camera comes in handy to solve the case and as evidence. For example, if there is a break in, the police will find it easier to nab the culprit if they view the camera’s recordings.


A home security camera can monitor the low-traffic areas of your house. Place them in the right places, so that you can track what’s going on in the hallways and corners.
It is fairly easy to install these wireless security cameras and all it takes is a few steps.


Disadvantages of Home Surveillance


While it is mentioned above that these devices can track low-traffic areas, there’ll be some parts of your house that they may not cover. This is because the camera has a range (field of view) that it can track, so anything out of that will not be recorded. You also can’t install these surveillance cameras in areas like the washrooms for obvious reasons.


They can be hacked. Yes, hackers would generally know how to work around these systems, so if someone is planning a robbery, they can always try to disable the security camera.


The material may not be top notch which makes it pretty easy to damage these devices. If a robber manages to enter your home and sees a camera, he is most likely to destroy it.


There’s a lack of privacy. If your toddler knows of the camera, s/he may be conscious at all times. Even for the parent, it may become an obsession to track every movement of their child.


The Best Locations To Place These Cameras


Front Door: This way whenever someone rings the bell, you’d know exactly who it is. Also, if a burglar is trying to enter, he is most likely to do it from the main door. These outdoor security cameras provide a much better view than peepholes.


Near The Windows: If you

live on the lower floors of a building and do not have grills for the windows, it becomes very easy for a robber to enter your home. Hence, installing CCTV cameras near the windows is a must.

Sidegate and Garage: For those living in bungalows, these two areas need to have the cameras as they are high danger spots.


The Best Home  Security Systems In India


Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p

D3D Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Indoor Security Camera (Indoor and Outdoor options are avaible)

Sricam WiFi Wireless SP007

IFITech C1-Lite Lite Indoor Hd 720P Wireless IP Camera

Hikvision HD Series DS-2CE1AD0T-IRPF 2 MP 1080P Turbo HD


Banner Image: rismedia


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