Provider Practice Essentials Is Filling The Gap For APPs With Hands-On Continuing Education

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The need for qualified direct care medical providers nationwide is growing as an increasing number of patients need long-term advanced and preventive direct care. This need, along with the push in online education models, has resulted in many Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants (APPs) receiving the bulk of their advanced training online.

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As more and more practices, hospitals, and big healthcare systems integrate these providers and have them take over clinical duties, the need for hands-on and specialized training has become apparent. Provider Practice Essentials ( sets a new standard in education for APP providers, giving them a comprehensive, hands-on training option, accredited by both the Accredited by American Academy of Nurse practitioners (AANP) and the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA).

Rachel Beatty spent many years in critical care and emergency room nursing and became a dual certified emergency and family Nurse Practitioner. When she started seeing and diagnosing patients after getting her certification, she felt as though there were large gaps in what she had been trained in and practiced and what she really needed to know.

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“As a new NP doing things remotely, I knew there were deficiencies in the education system. I was disappointed because we needed to have a more hands-on approach, do more advanced things. I knew right away I needed more experience,” says Rachel Beatty.

After speaking with her husband Rob, an Emergency Physician and hospital department chair, she realized she was not alone in feeling this way as they determined the need for improvement in the training provided for APPs and what they could realistically do to treat patients.

“We got into it right away, just hit the ground running because there is no program like this for APPs, no residency like doctors have, and we needed to do it in a way that would be fast, high quality, and would really help people; show them the basics, show people what they need to practice, what they don’t know and then go into ways to increase that knowledge base. We have a huge demand for it now, this is changing the way people practice medicine,” says Rachel Beatty.

Online education can provide a great foundation for providers, however, they miss out on the kinesthetic learning that comes with hands-on practice, something the Beattys take on with their “hear it, read it, see it, touch it, feel it, and practice it” approach. The classes are structured in a way that concentrates on didactic learning in the mornings and immersive clinical skills elements in the afternoons, incorporating the most advanced medical simulators and hands-on experience. All courses are taught by a collaborative team of a Physician, a Physician Assistant, and a NP, the way these teams are set up in the real world - another unique element to the program. “We have traditionally been taught in silos, and actual clinical practice requires collaboration and a similar mindset. We built this program to encourage this outlook in everyone as they return to their practices,” says Rob Beatty.

People leave more confident and can come back to ask questions, using the connections and resources from these live workshops to provide better care for patients throughout their careers. Continuing support is offered through the website, including an expanding library of clinical resources, interactive education, and a nationwide support network of people. People can take these classes more than once, getting something new and valuable each time, and have the ability to reach out for advice while treating and diagnosing future patients, something the Beattys welcome. Their unique training model also views all students as members, who are encouraged to return to any of the programs and practice on their simulators as much as they want. “We want to be much more than a 2-day program. We want to be a reliable place for lifelong learning,” says Rob Beatty.

Rachel Beatty currently works as a family nurse practitioner and Rob is a practicing emergency physician and emergency department chair, along with being CEO of their company. Currently, classes are held in Dallas, Orlando, and Washington D.C, and are expanding to the western United States soon. Learn more about the top-level education offered to APPs through Provider Practice Essentials,, and read the rave reviews participants have left for this amazing and innovative hands-on program.

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