Pulwama-like attack is Pakistan's only option against India: Barkha Dutt

Analysing what Pakistan could do after being diplomatically pulverised by India over the Kashmir issue, Barkha Dutt, an Indian journalist, has said that Pakistan has no option but to instigate terrorist attacks in India.

Barkha Dutt (File photo)

“As India continues to notch up diplomatic win after win when it comes to Jammu & Kashmir issue, Pakistan is left with just one option: to stoke another Pulwama-like attack within the Kashmir valley or, dare I say, a big, impactful terror attack elsewhere in the country,” she said.

The veteran journalist’s injudicious remark comes in the wake of the abrogation of Article 370, which accorded special status to Jammu & Kashmir, by India to fully integrate the state into the Indian union.

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Such utterances make it appear as if New Delhi’s move was ill-advised and has now pushed Pakistan into a corner where it is left with no choice but to let loose terrorists to wreak havoc in Kashmir or any other part of the Indian nation. This is also being construed by many as giving Islamabad an excuse to justify terror attacks in India.

Dutt continues in her analysis: “The aim of such an attack would be to trigger a military response from India to escalate the situation along the Line of Control and then turn to the world asking for intervention.” She also cautioned the Indian government to be wary of any such attack and be thoroughly prepared.

It is strange that a senior mediaperson should suggest that a sovereign country like Pakistan is being ‘forced’ to incite terror in India. A prudent view would be to call for de-escalation of tension and not whip up war hysteria.

The Pulwama attack, which took place on February 14 this year, resulted in the deaths of 40 Central Reserve Police Force personnel. Pakistan-based Islamist militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed had claimed responsibility for the attack.