'Put on mask': George Clooney fumes at anti-maskers

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Actor George Clooney
Actor George Clooney

Washington [US], December 17 (ANI): Actor George Clooney during his recent appearance at SiriusXM's 'Howard Stern Show,' shared his views on the current Covid public health mandates and those who detract from the guidelines.

According to Fox News, the Oscar-award winning actor fumed at the anti-maskers and made some very bold statements against them.

"This thought where everybody is like, 'Well it's my freedom.' It's like, that's not how this works," Fox News quoted Clooney as saying according to The Hill.

"Your freedom is this: You're free to smoke until your lungs turn black, but you can't do it on the bus. And you're free to drink until your liver comes out your a**, but you can't drink and then get behind the wheel of a car," the 59-year-old actor said.

'The Midnight Sky' actor also spoke about how wearing a mask is necessary to save lives before people start getting administered with the Covid vaccines.

"This is one that says: Put on a f**king mask and we'll get through this. We've got vaccines coming -- let's save another 60,000 lives before the vaccines," Fox News quoted Clooney as saying.

During the show, both Howard Stern and Clooney also spoke candidly about the issues that are affecting America at present and also took the moment to criticise President Donald Trump. (ANI)