Queen Elizabeth Left With Just One Pet Dog After the Death of Her Beloved Dorgi, Vulcan

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The Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II recently lost her dog Vulcan. The dog was a cross between the breeds of dachshund and corgi, often called dorgi.

The cause of death and the age of the dog at the time of death is not known. However, sources said that Vulcan passed away a few weeks ago at Windsor, reported Daily Mail.

Vulcan was well above age 13 which is considered to be a good age for his breed. He had been with the Queen since 2007.

This leaves the Queen of UK with her last dog Candy who also belongs to the same breed as that of Vulcan.

The report says that this might be the loneliest ever Christmas for the Queen who has just lost her dog. She will be spending the festival quietly at Windsor Castle with 99-year-old Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

It is said that the Queen has always looked after her dogs and has mastered the way to treat them. Speaking to Daily Mail, the source said, “Her Majesty adores her dogs and it's always a blow, particularly now.”

The two dorgis of the Queen, Vulcan and Candy, belong to the family of dogs that were produced when Pipkin, Princess Margaret's dachshund was mated with the Queen’s corgi.

Reportedly, the Queen has always tried to feed her dogs on her own.

Earlier, Queen Elizabeth was famous for her corgis. However, her last corgi Willow was put down in 2018 after suffering from Cancer. After Willow’s death, it happened for the first time that a monarch had now owned a corgi since the Second World War ended.

The dogs of the Queen have lived with her in her private apartments at the Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace.

In 2015, the Queen is said to have decided to stop breeding dogs because she did not want to leave any of them behind when she passed away.