Queen of Tarot Dr. Seema Midha brings a much-needed healing touch

seema midha

Internationally acclaimed numerologist and tarot expert Dr Seema Midha’s mobile application ‘Tarot Solutions’ is already on its course to improving the lives of thousands by providing motivation, answers to complex questions, a new perspective. Dr Midha is also a seasoned author, healer, and motivator; she dons multiple hats with perfect elan.

While sceptics and doubters remain, India has traditionally been the home of spiritual, alternative ways of looking at life, and interpreting and navigating through it with a different point-of-view. And, indeed, what a noble cause to dedicate one’s entire life to! What makes Dr Midha a wholesome personality is how she lets her social concerns and zeal to help people be her pole star. Her drive comes from a steadfast desire to empower people with confidence and to awaken their hidden convictions and strengths. She is well regarded as Asia’s top tarot expert. Not just this, she is a noted personality even in the of Reiki, a form of alternative medicine that focuses on energy healing. Dr Midha has been globally recognised with the Reiki Mastership Bharat Nirman Award. She is also associated with the Rotary Club, Masonic club societies, and NGOs. Not to forget, her stellar work is also reflected in several tarot-related columns, radio and television shows.

Eager to spread her knowledge and share it with the world, Dr Midha has penned several books. Her book on the numerology of mobile numbers found nomination for the India book of records & golden book of world records.

Dr Midha is also the founder of the Delhi School of Occult Sciences, where she imparts her ideas, deep inner wisdom and knowledge to eager learners. Her students have made their names globally. What sets apart Dr Midha as a teacher is her compassionate and humane touch to education and community building. Imbibing learners with peace, confidence, open-mindedness, total faith, positive energy, and a powerful aura, Dr Midha is training the next generation of people who will have the ability to transform lives. Indeed, if this is not God’s work, what is?

Our lives and the global world today is marked by anxiety, fuelled by crippling insecurity, and lack of proper understanding and communication with the self and with others. This, coupled with local and global factors, can throw anyone out of gear. In such a scenario, what the world needs is a patient, non-judgment listener who can provide solutions without being imposing. Dr Midha is just the solution that modern lives today need. Her groundbreaking work has been awarded by a plethora of rewards and recognitions, both nationally and internationally. If you feel the need for a fresh perspective on the problems in your life, Dr Midha is a name you can count on. Try the ‘Tarot Solutions’ mobile app for a more in-depth insight into her solutions.


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