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Aseem Merchant

Priyanka was dating famous model Aseem merchant before she made it big in the glazy world of Bollywood. What they had was quite a stormy affair, or so says Priyanka’s ex-manager, Prakash Jaju. After her successful Bollywood debut with Andaaz, she, allegedly, dumbed her model boyfriend.

A quick rundown of the many men in Priyanka Chopra's romantic life

Seeing Priyanka Chopra’s engagement with the Chains singer, Nick Jonas covered widely by both domestic as well as international news outlets, and the emotionally overpowering reactions of fans  from every corner of the world, one can say that their wedding will keep the paparazzi on their toes for days.

But before the D-day arrives, let’s take a quick rundown through all the men that could have been the former Miss World’s mister.

Here’s a list of all of Priyanka’s affairs and the “alleged” ones that got people talking. Let us know, in the comment section, had it not been Nick Jonas, which of the other celebs would you ship with Priyanka?