A Quick Talk with Pankaj Kumar For His New Music Video Releases

A Quick Talk with Pankaj Kumar For His New Music Video Releases

A Quick Talk with Pankaj Kumar where he talks about his new music video releases which are planned to be released later this year. Read on…

The serial hit-maker talks about his early days when he started with singing and how that helped him in being an inspiration for others.

Writer: We heard that there are new releases. Is it?
Pankaj Kumar: Yes, You heard it right, my two new music videos will be released by the end of this year “O Baby” and “ Dil Ne Tere Dil Se”.

Writer: How different it is from your previous releases?
Pankaj Kumar: The Song “O Baby” is a hip hop mixed with a pinch of Rap, Funk and Bhangra style to it, and the next one is “Dil Ne Tere Dil Se”, featuring playback singer Khushboo Jain, and that’s a trans musical duet. We just now finished the shoot of the video, and it’s now in the post-production stage. We are hoping for a great video release.

Writer: How did Singing Happen?
Pankaj Kumar: Well, a lot of experimenting. I started by imitating a lot of great singers like Mukesh, Md. Rafi , Manna Dey, Talat Mehmood, Kishore Kumar, S D Burman, and K L Saigal. I use to match up with their voices, and I received a lot of appreciation, and that motivated me to experiment with my voice, and that’s how I learned new techniques of voice modulation, and this helped me in singing.

Writer: How has music education helped you with singing?
Pankaj Kumar: I did a formal education, but it doesn’t matter much as long as you have a passion for singing. I believe anyone can sing if he/she believes in himself. Training in classical vocals did help me in understanding the “Grammar” behind musical notes.

Writer: How was your previous recording experiences?
Pankaj Kumar: It has always been the best as each time it’s a new experience and a new learning process. So I have worked with many big talents from the industry, and that has molded me to become better each day.
It was wonderful catching up with Pankaj Kumar, and the message he shares is a point to be noted by all the budding Singers.

Well, we wish the singer all the best for his music projects and wish he achieves a lot of success.

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