QuickE: Simi Garewal on Shashi Kapoor; KJo, The New Agony Aunt

1. Shashi Kapoor Hated the ‘Naach Gana’ Stuff in B’Wood: Simi Garewal

It’s been two days since the charming legend, Shashi Kapoor left for his heavenly abode at the age of 79 and his adorers and contemporaries are now coming to terms with his departure and penning odes to commemorate him. Simi Garewal, Indian actress and talk show hostess says that her Siddhartha costar was perfect.

As she bared her heart to a newspaper, she revealed quite a few personal reminiscences. Simi shined a light on a few things about the actor/producer that we all may not be privy to.

She spoke about the kindness of the Raj Kapoor family.

Simi Garewal “I’m not sure if the Raj Kapoor family adopted me — or I adopted them — but soon I felt I was a part of their family. So, I met Shashi often, as I did all the other Kapoor family members.” She thought that he was not a showbiz person like Raj Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor but was ‘un-filmy’.

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2. Hookups, Relationships, Multiple Partners: KJo Has All the Answers

Bollywood’s agony aunt, Karan Johar. 

Here’s a new twist on the quintessential agony aunt column. Director and chat show host extraordinaire, Karan Johar has teamed up with the romantic radio station, Ishq 104.8 FM to dole out advice on love in a new segment, Calling Karan. And why not? He’s the peddler of that particular emotion in Bollywood. The show will serve as a platform for listeners seeking advice on love and relationships.

In this particular webisode, KJo tackles various relationship troubles. From she, who wants her hookup scene to turn into a relationship, to her who wants to broach the subject of open relationships and multiple sexual partners with her beau, Karan has certain tips for all.

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3. Here’s Why Katrina Kaif Got Teary-Eyed on a Reality Show

Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan appeared on a popular reality show to promote their upcoming film, Tiger Zinda Hai.

During the shoot, Katrina reportedly got teary-eyed because of the powerful performance on a song from Tere Naam, (Salman Khan and Bhoomika Chawla). Katrina was so touched by the act that the shooting had to be stalled for 10 minutes, in order for her to regain her composure.

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4. ‘Kaalakaandi’ Trailer: The Saif Ali Khan We’ve Been Waiting For

A man who has never drunk, smoked or done drugs in his life gets diagnosed with stomach cancer. Do whatever you feel like doing, his doc advises him. And that’s where the crazy adventures of Saif Ali Khan’s character in Kaalakaandi begins.

The trailer promises intense performances (look out for Deepak Dobriyal and Vijay Raaz apart from Saif himself), kickass dialogues (is CBFC letting through all those cuss words?), murder, lust and everything in between.

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5. Mere Paas Aapka Cinema Hai: Amul Pays Tribute to Shashi Kapoor

Veteran actor Shashi Kapoor breathed his last on 4 December. The celebrated actor received a touching tribute from Amul with one of Indian cinema’s most iconic dialogues, Mere paas maa hai from Deewar.

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