Quirky twists to simple hairstyles and haircuts for that outside-the-box look

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when you are getting all things new or different to surprise your friends, why keep the same old hairstyle? (Designed by Rajan Sharma)

Here begins the countdown! The party season is on us and we have started planning for Christmas and New Year eve celebrations. Goes without saying that deciding the right look for parties is on top of our minds. While most of us have already decided the outfit, accessories, footwear for the party, many are still working on it. Well, when you are getting all things new or different to surprise your friends, why keep the same old hairstyle?

Believe us or not, simple tricks or changes can give your old haircut can refresh your style and your ‘all-new’ hairstyle can become the highlight of your party look!

Here are some amazing ways to tame your mane most stylishly for that ineffable look. 

Short hair

Things went pleasant this year-end when we witnessed a strong rise of a short haircut! It would not be wrong to say that the short haircut is the new rage in the hairstyling space. While Deepika’s short hair look is killing Ranveer, Kareena’s new look is making fans go crazy!

"Normal short hair can become boring but a slight twist to it can make you a stunner. Short hair with streaks of funky colours is the running trend. You can incorporate undercuts in short hair to make it look more cutting edge. You can also try a wavy short hair beach look with highlights and look an absolute diva", suggests Agnes Chen is the Technical Head of Streax Professional.

Medium hair

Neither too short nor too long, cute shoulder-length hair is of choice to many women. If you are a kind of person who doesn’t want to cut the hair further short or get in long length hair trouble, then we have some amazing elegant hairstyle to help you create your style statement.

You can achieve multiple looks like straight and sleek, wavy and fun, curly and cute. Medium length hair with bangs is the best at giving a very stylish and unique look and make heads turn to you - the new fashion icon.

Long Hair

Long hair is always considered simple, but we believe that long hair can be made to look modish by adding hair colour. You can also go experimental and can create a loose messy bun or high sleek ponytail with your long hair. Buns and ponytails are very in hairstyles these days and we have seen celebrities carrying these to red carpets too.

If you are okay with slight cuts and want to add volume to your hair, you can go with a wavy layered haircut too. The asymmetrical baseline can transform the hair look. Cutting the edge will create out of the box contemporary look.

So, don’t hide behind your old hairstyles anymore and try these new looks to become the style icon at the upcoming parties. Happy New Year.