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* This cabaret number by Asha Bhosle is unique for its narrational tone and perhaps Bindu’s most famous dance performance.
* The film stars Rajesh Khanna and was a grand musical success.

Quiz | Happy Birthday Bindu: How Well Do You Know Her Songs?

With her fabulous and flamboyant persona, Bindu became one of Bollywood’s most love-to-hate vamps. It is impossible to imagine the Hindi film scene minus the actress’ colourful performances as the villain’s moll, an errant bahu, and later as a bossy mother-in-law.

Along with Helen, Bindu is one Bollywood beauty who has found tremendous success in cabaret numbers. So much so that many of her songs continue to rule the airwaves.

On her birthday, we bring you a quiz about some of her most played songs. Can you recognise them? If not, the hints should help you in cracking the answers.

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Happy quizzing!