Quiz: How well do you know John Travolta?

Tom Butler
Senior Editor
The movie "Saturday Night Fever", directed by John Badham. Seen here, John Travolta. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

This week marks the digital release of John Travolta’s latest film The Fanatic, in which he plays a crazed stalker who makes the life of his favourite movie star living hell.

As far as movie stars go, Travolta is one of the biggest and has enjoyed a long and varied career, with many ups and downs. From the early success of Saturday Night Fever and Grease, to his Pulp Fiction revival which led to Face/Off, Get Shorty and Swordfish, then the disastrous Battlefield Earth, and his late career B-movie adventures, he’s always been a magnetic screen presence.

But how well do you know the life and works of John Travolta? Take our quiz above to find out.

Only true Travolta devotees will get eight or more correct.

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The Fanatic is out now on digital download and comes to DVD on 8 July. Watch an exclusive clip below.