Raaj Aashoo’s Har Lamha is rising as the chartbuster

Raaj Aashoo is a rising music composers in India who has given great hits like Jee Len De from Romeo Akbar Walter. Known for the great sense of trending music styles Raaj Aashoo has got the skills to bend the songs to the trends while still retaining its original essence. Raaj Aashoo joined forces with the eminent singer Papon for his song ‘Har Lamha’ which is currently hitting the trend. Produced by the Indie Music Label Har Lamha has garnered over 3.7 million view and 38k likes on YouTube.

Popon songs such as Moh Moh Ke Dhage has already ingrained in Indian audience and has left a deep impression on them. Raaj identified that " I was looking for a voice filled with deep emotions which can portray the emotion of the song and one name which popped up was of Papon."

Such decisions of Raaj Aashoo has helped the music director in crafting songs that leave the audience in bliss and stays with them long after tune out. Har Lamha is now rising as the chartbuster hit.