Raas Launches Affordable and Sustainable Fashion Apparel Options for Its Customers

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The Raas International Clothing INC has started rolling out affordable sustainable fashion apparel, which ensures the minimum wastage of fabric in their new launch Tanisi.

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Raas aims to make customers realize that sustainability is vital to the survival of the planet. That is why the apparel they purchase is a contributory factor towards the maintenance of ecology.

In a press release, the Founder and CEO of the company Shreya Patel said, “People should go for sustainable fashion with apparel specially-designed with minimum wastage. Sustainable apparels are trendy and many people are moving towards sustainable fashion from the traditional one in which a large quantum of fabric is wasted for nobody’s benefit.”

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The Raas International Clothing INC has developed its own manufacturing facilities in which the in-house fashion technology is used to stop wastage of fabric thus adding impetus to the sustainability in clothing.

In its bid to educate the customers on the social benefit of opting for sustainable clothing, the company decided not to continue with the production of those dresses that are not in demand thus reducing fabrics and saving wastage.

The company is manufacturing dresses that ideally suit women. Here, the usefulness of such dresses for women like having pockets is also taken care of. Tanisi is amalgamating or creating a fusion of designer wear with utility wear, thus bringing in a new trend in women’s fashion.

The fabric selection is done meticulously so that most of the women would like them. In this regard, customization is playing a very dominant role as a customer has multiple options for the patterns, vogue, and cuts for their eco-friendly sustainable clothing.

The tailoring is done as per the demand of the customers. They can look at different patterns and ask for their customization.

Shreya explained, “Under this system of the company, the buyers get the freedom and benefit of figuring out what works for them, their lifestyle, comforts, and their bodies.”

Here, the practical utility of customized dresses becomes apparent as the customers don’t have to face the problem of exact fittings as they often face while ordering dresses online.

Currently, people are showing a propensity to buying dresses online but often they are disappointed as the piece delivered to them does not match exactly with the one that they ordered for.

Tanisi has solved this penchant problem by following both standard U.S. sizes and the option of customization of sizes and styles. The company is adhering to it realizing that the size, shape, height, and style preferences of buyers cannot be uniform. Tanisi dresses are exactly what customers saw and ordered. It matches perfectly with their order with design and cuts.

This is the secret of the massive popularity of Tanisi dresses. It has been proven by a very low rejection rate which is only 2% whereas, for other brands, the figure goes as high as 12-25%.

As part of its company policy to promote ecological sustenance, Raas International Clothing INC is engaged in a no-wastage regime of making clothes at affordable prices. Thus, the cost won’t act as a hindrance to the preservation of the sustainable earth.