Rachel Choy ends ‘What should I wear today?’ dilemma


The link between fashion and social media has been cemented for some time now. Even if a genie could be put back in a bottle, there aren’t many people who would want things to revert to the old ways.

Personal shopper Rachel Choy’s proves this. The Hong Kong-born, New York-based personal shopper’s Instagram account seamlessly interweaves images of her fashion sense with those of her family, specifically her two girls. Where in previous eras, it was easy for fashion to feel as if it were floating above real-life, Rachel’s approach brings it back to earth. And without any of the effortless style being lost in the shuffle.

Which is why it makes sense for her to have chosen personal shopper as her career. Rachel has, over the past several years, worked as one for both Barney’s and Neiman Marcus, two of the most exclusive and high end department stores in the US. This is on top of her past roles at Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Hugo Boss.

“To me, the point of being a personal shopper is in the person, the human being. Personal shoppers work with you, and they exist to figure out how your wants and ideas dovetail with what’s happening in fashion and style. So for me, it’s important to have fashion de-mystified.”

The irony is that, even as online tools like Instagram help Rachel promote the idea of fashion as accessible, it has also obscured “the art of shopping.” In Rachel’s view, the convenience of the internet has led to more people simply buying online from their home computer, going through round after round of trying on items only to return them because they don’t fit exactly how they imagined.

Rachel thinks that using a personal shopper is a superior option. “When you pick better-fitting clothing that looks good on you, you also want to spend more time out in the world, with other people, doing things you love. The hands on approach of personal shopping is all about that human element.”

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