Rahul Gandhi's 'Failed Lockdown' Graph to Roast Modi Govt Backfires

On Friday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP government for a "failed lockdown" which has not been able to contain the spread of coronavirus in India.

From the very beginning of the health crisis in India, Gandhi has been vocal about the government's response. Prime Minister Modi announced a nationwide lockdown on March 24 and extended it several times hence. The restrictions have gradually been eased in a phased manner starting June 1. However, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country continues to rise at an alarming rate with experts warning that the contagion will peak in the upcoming months.

Last week, Gandhi also held a dialogue with industrialist Rajiv Bajaj about the impacts of lockdown and the economic slowdown in the country. During the interview, Bajaj had said that Modi government's lockdown had flattened the wrong curve - that of GDP, and not the virus.

In a tweet, Gandhi tweeted five graphs which compared the lockdown imposed in India to that of other countries. According to the graphs, lockdown restrictions had successfully slowed down transmission rates in Spain, Germany, Italy and UK. Yet, in India, the numbers have only continued to rise.

However, not everyone agreed.

At more than 2 lakh cases and 6,300 deaths caused by Covid-19, India is the seventh worst-hit country in the world right now. Apart from the failure to curb the virus, Gandhi has also previously blamed the central government for leaving millions of poor migrant workers without food, shelter and a source of income in the last two months.