Raima Sen’s fashion cues: Be confident, be comfortable

Tick your box

Fashion for me is about comfort, confidence and a sense of pride associated with what I am wearing. If these three boxes are ticked, it’s a deal.

Wardrobe must-haves

That would include denims, couple of nice saris, my comfortable shorts and pyjamas, a black gown, rugged pants and T-shirts to travel and explore.

Black rules

I really like the way black is being used in India and globally. The entire power dressing is taken over by black. Be it the Oscars or world summits, black dresses are dominant.

Confidence matters

I keep up with my thoughts on confidence and what makes me feel more and more confident and comfortable and that’s how it makes me keep up with fashion.

Fashion divas

I feel Beyoncé is the ultimate fashion diva. I also admire Priyanka Chopra, for that matter.

Fave high-street brands

My absolute favourite is Ralph Lauren and Gucci. I also shop a lot from Zara, Steve Madden and H&M.

The only one

My favourite designer is Sabyasachi. His concepts and detailing are beyond imagination.

Everyday make-up

It's very simple — a great mascara, lipstick and just a little bit of a pack. It has to be simple. It should look like you haven’t done much and you still have done good and enough.

Haircare routine

I use a good shampoo and conditioner. I oil my hair frequently. I eat healthy and have a good sleep. I still use old natural nuske such as reetha, shikakai and stuff like that.

Sari choice

I think I look best in a sari. Nothing like a sari, actually!

Style tips

Try and choose things which make you feel comfortable above all. Be a little careful with the colours you wear as it affects mood and hence performance.

Expressions say it all

My signature style is my smile and eyes, honestly but apart from that it would be a black or red gown.

Define comfort

The moment you are comfortable and you know you aren’t wearing something very, very weird you are perfect. It’s actually that simple. You need to define comfort for yourself.