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Skybox Dog Booster Seat

Give your dog a window seat with this Skybox Dog Booster Seat ($64).

Raise the Woof! 50+ Pet Travel Products That Make Summer Vacations a Lot Easier

Traveling is one of the best gifts to give yourself, and with the dog days of Summer in paw's reach, the vacation destinations and nearby getaways are endless. As wonderful as weekend trips and extended breaks are, I think we can agree, it's just not the same without furry friends by our side. If you spend your family vacation worried about your dog or cat or if the car feels like a zoo with your animal in the back, then we have some products that will ease pet-related stress for a more enjoyable time away. From doggy seat belts for long trips to portable cat litter trays and handy paw cleaners, there's no limit to the pet-friendly travel options out there. If you're ready for some quality time with your little (or big) friend this Summer, then never leave them behind again! These accessories for both cats and dogs will make your travels a lot easier; just have a look ahead.

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