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Rucha Gujarati

The Kkusum fame actress got married at the age of 24 with Mumbai based businessman Mitul Sanghavi thus bidding goodbye to her television career. While her fans thought she wanted to enjoy marital bliss, she was following her in-law and husband’s orders. Not too long into the wedding and Rucha fled her marital home on account of domestic violence. She has been divorced since April 2013.

His raised hand is a cue for you to put your foot down, learn it from these telly actresses

These actresses are your ideal daughter-in-law, sister-in-law or wife – Oh, the ever so sacrificing woman of India, the manifestation of familial virtues that would submit to every brutality presented to her by life to uphold the dignity of marriage and relationship.

Honestly though, all that self-deprivation looks fine on screen, not so great in real life. For when the blow strikes your face, ladies, retiring to the kitchen and shedding tears in silence isn’t the best choice.

Learn the art of life from your favourite telly actresses who combated domestic violence and dealt with it.