Raj Kundra's Arrest Won't Affect Shilpa Shetty Starrer Hungama 2's Release, Says Producer

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On July 19, the crime branch of Mumbai Police arrested Raj Kundra in connection with a case registered against him for creation of pornographic films and publishing them through some apps. Kundra is the husband of actor Shilpa Shetty, who was returning to a full-fledged acting role after 14 years with Hungama 2 which releases on July 23, on Disney+ Hotstar.

News18 reached out to producer Ratan Jain who said that the controversy surrounding Raj Kundra won’t affect his film. “Why should any of this interfere with the release of Hungama 2? It’s her husband, not Shilpa who has been booked. She is one of the artists in the film and has completed all her work including the promotions. Even the investigative agency said that they have not been able to any find any active role of Shilpa so I don’t see why it should hamper our film. It is sad that people are dragging her name when she has nothing to do with it,” Jain said.

Ratan is confident about the film getting a positive response, “We have made a good film with an honest intention. People will watch the film not because of the so-called ‘Shilpa Shetty controversy’ but because of its content. We are releasing the film as per schedule and nothing has been affected because of the entire situation.”

Jain further states that an actor’s involvement in any case doesn’t affect the film. “I don’t want to take any names but in the past I have worked with the biggest superstars whose names have been involved in drug case. The cops called them for interrogation but nothing was proved. People have also forgotten about it. It is just the media that creates a hype out of nothing. Raj has been arrested but nothing is proved that whatever he was doing was illegal. When the judgement comes out, we will talk about it. The law and the investigation agency are doing their job well and let them come out with all the findings.”

When asked whether has spoken to the actress since the arrest, “No, I haven’t got in touch with her. It is a family matter and she is going through her own troubles and I don’t want to disturb her,” he concludes.

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