Raj Surani Expresses Heartfelt Gratitude To Wife Jenny For Unconditional Support

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They say ‘True love stands by each other’s side on good days and stands closer on bad days’. That’s the true strength of love. Just like Jenny and Raj Surani. Dancers coordinator and Octopus Entertainment’s Director Raj Surani tells about his journey and his wife Jenny’s constant support in his success. Raj says she’s like a pillar of strength for him. Let’s have a sneak peek in this inspiring couple’s #CoupleGoals.

Raj started his career as an extra at the early age. Soon he trained rigorously with Raju Khan in order to become dancer to earn more money. He worked with many celebrities and made his mark in Bollywood in all these years. But in all this he had the love and support of his wife Jenny with him. Raj speaks fondly about her. He shared they met in 2007-08 while making of various songs. They have danced together in many songs. Later Raj started his new venture of Dancers coordination but Jenny continued dancing.

And as they say love finds its ways, Raj and Jenny’s love was blooming in the meantime. They have watched each other’s struggle, good and bad days closely, became each other’s strength and married in 2015. She has been part of many chartbuster songs like Ladki Kar Gayi Chull from Kapoor And Sons, etc. After marriage Jenny left dancing and decided to support Raj by being his strength. The couple soon got blessed with a baby boy. He is five years old now. Jenny has helped Raj in all the ways possible in his journey and the couple is really excited to watch their new venture Octopus Entertainment touch new heights.

About Raj, Jenny says, “Raj and his group were the frontline dancers. They were fit and good looking and very good dancers. So, we would admire them. Usually, the dancers would party and enjoy, have drinks and smoke cigarettes after work. But Raj never touched any substance. He took care of his health and saved money for future. He is a visionary. He bought his own house in Mumbai. He has a good business mind and ethics. He doesn’t spend lavishly; he saves for future ventures.”

Raj further says, that “In industry it’s not like you have work all 365 days. You barely get to work 50-100 days but during that time, when you earn the money you need to be very careful while spending it and need to plan it properly. You need to be wise while planning for your future, need to save as much as you can. I was never demoralized when I didn’t have work because I had my savings to rely on. I never thought of a month. I planned for the year. I knew that the work will come. I have worked on many award-winning songs. I saw Bosco’s journey and work very closely and learned a lot from him. I am fortunate that I found a life partner like Jenny. I’m really grateful for everything she does for me. I feel blessed.”

The most successful marriages are those where both husband and wife seek to build the self-esteem of the other. Just like Jenny and Raj Surani. They have proved it takes one’s complete dedication, love and respect to grow together as a couple. Today Raj has achieved great heights in his career as one of the most successful and respected dancers coordinator and Octopus Entertainment’s director and his wife Jenny has been an inevitable part of his struggle and well deserved success.

Raj Surani is soon going to start something new in production but all the details about it are still kept secret. His new venture will be announced soon.