Raja Abhishek Reddy Talks About His Passion For Design

Raja Abhishek Reddy Talks About His Passion For Design

The changing culture of architecture in India as a profession has been eye-opening. The demand for Art is growing day by day more than anything else. As people believe in creativity and visually appealing sights. Interior designing is must if you have a brand new house and product design is must if a brand comes up with a new product launch.

The demand is huge but one who can fulfill both the needs are quite hard to find and we have one such gem of a person who is well experienced in both. He has an eye for each detail. Art is in his soul and the passion for doing what he loves is in his blood.

From Engineering to Design, there is a huge difference in both these fields. Mr. Raja Abhishek Reddy is a 27-year-old Interior and Product designer based in Hyderabad. He is creative and his designs will be an eye-opener for you. Art was his best friend from a very early age. He remembers holding a pencil from a very young age and just walks around sketching things.

Unfortunately, he got into Engineering but after completing Engineering his passion for Design dragged him back into his interests and that’s when he moved to Florence, Italy which is home to many masterpieces. He pursued his career in architecture and design by doing a bachelors degree and Masters in Interior and Product design.

After pursuing his studies he worked in Italy for 2 years in the year 2017 along with companies like Milan and Florence. This brushed up his skills and gave hands-on experiences to him and by the end of 2018, he left that job and moved back to India and currently working on various projects from USA, Italy and right now one of the projects from Hyderabad.

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