Rajinikanth Asks Fans Not To “Pain” Him With Appeals About Political Move

Rajasi Nagwekar
·1-min read

Rajinikanth who works primarily in Tamil cinema was likely to enter into politics. Owing to his health conditions he dropped his political plans last month. He appealed to his fans today to stop pressuring him with protests and “not pain me again and again”. A large number of fans and multiple well wishers of the actor gathered yesterday in Chennai and demanded that he should enter politics.

Fans held a protest, in Valluvar Kottam, Chennai, and many also stated they will not vote in the upcoming election if Rajinikanth does not start his own party. Fans holding posters and banners of the superstar kept repeating his slogan “Now or never.”

Rajinikanth has released a statement today which says that he will not change his decision and that people should stop forcing him to enter politics. His statement in Tamil loosely translates, “My heartfelt thanks to those who did not participate in the protest, in line with the leadership request. I have already elaborated on the reasons as to why I am not entering politics now. I have announced my decision. I humbly request you all to not conduct such events and force me to enter politics and cause me pain.”

Few days back Rajinikanth was hospitalised due to blood pressure fluctuation. After getting discharged from the hospital, the Petta star, on December 29, released a statement that mentioned he will not be joining politics. A part of his statement read, “I know what I’ve spoken, but I can’t make others scapegoats for my problems. So, I cannot start a party, and cannot join politics. Only I know the pain I’m going through while writing these words.”