Most Dedicated and Hardworking Person in SEO and Digital Marketing, Says Rajiv Gupta

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To become an expert in specific demands, determination and passion. Honestly, to reach the expert level in a field is not a joke. Moreover, it takes a lot of passion to reach this level and become exceptional in a particular field. However, this journey can be long yet full of challenges and difficulties. Out of many people, only a few people can cross this path of challenges and achieve expertise.

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Out of those hardworking and dedicated people, Rajiv Gupta is one of them. Gupta was born on 21 May 1991. Rajiv Gupta is one of the experienced and reputed people of this Industry. Rajiv is not the only expert in SEO but also Content providing, Link building, and Digital Marketing.

Rajiv started his journey in 2012 as an accountant but he didn’t find scope in it. Then to try something different he did a job in Call center for a few months. After stepping into Film production he faced scam and didn’t get favorable results.

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But Rajiv didn’t lose hope and he was passionate about trying new and different things. However he keeps on trying by searching different ways to earn online. During the process of search he got to know about SEO digital marketing and how to create backlinks.

Then after doing detailed research on this field he started to learn SEO digital marketing from basics. During this learning process he takes guidance from a few freelancers.

After being unsuccessful in Past, a lot of patience and hard work, finally in 2019 he started his own venture named “Backlinks media” with five other partners. Their w

And his hard work never stops, after establishing the company Rajiv worked night and night to make it a success. Now more than 50 people are working in his venture “ Blacklinks media ''.

Rajiv is undoubtedly an experienced person as he has been working in internet marketing for more than six years. Rajiv's main job is to go through Clients' websites and increase their ranking on Google Now; he is handling and working on more than 3000 websites.

Other than that, he deals in solving the problems that appear on the Client's profile. However, Rajiv Gupta is a dedicated learner and a hard worker in the SEO, Social media, Content Editing, and Digital marketing industries. He tries everything best possible for his clients.

No doubt Rajiv is one of the successful people in the SEO Digital Industry.

Even Rajiv also offers Guest posting and blogging services, And he has his team dedicated to him, which makes the delivery of over 1000 posts in a month.

Rajiv's team has excellent writing skills to provide high-quality, plagiarism-free, and authentic content and articles for the Client's different sites. And they can also post the articles on World's most reputed and top websites where your articles can get high DR, DA, and genuine traffic.

Also, Rajiv does social media services with every post to some Facebook likes and Twitter followers. By these services, it will help you gain more web traffic for your sites. Plus, Rajiv also creates and launches SEO Campaigns for different companies and helps in improving the company's organic search results.

Rajiv can also identify where improvement is needed, run PPC campaigns and do everything possible to make the client's website rank better in search engines. He can also write original and effective SEO content for sites and blogs.

When it comes to SEO, Rajiv is one of the most knowledgeable and trustworthy individuals. Apart from his abilities, we have learned through his clients that he is highly dependable and responsive, often responding at 3 a.m. and always agreeing to all tasks. Rajiv will pick up the phone and put it into action. He provides excellent service to his clients and consistently produces fantastic results. Rajiv is a highly talented internet marketer that can help organizations gain more visibility, leads, and revenue. He is a hard worker who is highly driven.

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