Rajiv Kapoor Passes Away: Actor Was Excited To Mark His Comeback With Toolsidas Junior, Was To Give Out Interviews From February 14th

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News of Rajiv Kapoor’s death came as a sudden shock for the film fraternity. The actor passed away at around 1 pm after he suffered a severe cardiac arrest. Chimpu, fondly known, was all set to make his comeback in the acting arena with Ashutosh Gowariker’s film, Toolsidas Junior. The filmmaker's wife Sunita Gowariker and also co-producer of the movie, in conversation ETimes, shared how there were plans in the pipeline to mark the senior actor’s comeback in the cinematic world.

On receiving the news about his death she said, "I was in my car when someone called to tell me that Chimpu (Rajiv Kapoor) has left us. I dismissed it off as fake news and called up a friend, who sadly confirmed that it has indeed happened." When asked if any other actor will fill in for the late actor, she replied the actor has completed shooting and dubbing for the film and has even watched it. She further shared the actor was all excited to interact with the media as well.

She also shared if COVID-19 wouldn’t have happened, the film would have been in theatres by now. "We are still, of course, aiming for a theatrical release, but we will miss him at every point hereafter. In fact, he was supposed to talk to the media at length in the next few days. We had fixed up his interviews for Sunday, February 14. We had also discussed it with him and he also was looking forward to a nice round of questions. He had completed the film, dubbed for it and even watched it."

Shedding light on the film's plot and the senior actor being the filmmaker's first choice she said, "Yes, he's playing the title role in a way. The junior is a 14-year-old kid, who plays his son. Sanjay Dutt is in the film too. The film largely dwells on a father-son." ALSO READ: Rajiv Kapoor Death: Alia Bhatt Cuts Short Her Maldives Trip; Ranbir Kapoor And Mom Neetu Kapoor Arrive To Pay Their Respects

On his sudden death, Sunita mentioned losing a gem, recalling the late actor’s first meeting with Ashutosh, she said, "We have lost a gem. When Ashutosh first met him, Rajiv had said that if we wanted him to do the film and felt that he suited the part, he would certainly do it. So it didn't really take long to sign him. Thereafter, of course, we met him quite a few times. He also knew in his heart that he had a fine film to make a comeback with, as Ashutosh, who was producing it, is someone who is extremely creative."

On the concluding note, she said, "Rajiv was a thorough gentleman. A few people questioned our decision of getting him on board but he proved us right from day 1. He has given a very warm and good performance. His death is a big tragedy." ALSO READ: Rajiv Kapoor Passes Away: Ashutosh Gowariker Expresses Sorrow That The Veteran Actor Couldn’t Witness His Own Performance In His Last Film ‘Toolsidas Junior’

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