Rakesh Roshan On Krish 4: While Hollywood Can Afford Budgets, We Can Score On Emotions


For the longest time ever, Krish 4 was in the news. Unfortunately, due to Rakesh Roshan's ill health, the project was put aside. Now that the director has regained his health, in a recent interview to Bollywood Hungama, he spoke about Krish 4 and cleared the air.

"I will only announce it (Krish 4) once I am sure about the script. When I am 100% sure about the script, I will make the announcement as a director. The day I decide to make it, it will take me one more year to start the film. Being a big film in terms of vision and VFX, the preproduction will take a lot of time. Mine is the only franchise which is going from story to story. It's not just the names I am using to make into another film. While Hollywood can afford budgets, we can score on emotions. Three breathtaking emotional action scenes will score over 10 mindless action sequences," he was quoted as saying.

There were also rumours that Sanjay Gupta might take over as director of Krish 4. Addressing this, Roshan clarified, "Even I am reading the same rumours as you and I don't know who is writing it. Of course, I will direct it. Sanjay Gupta is writing the script with me and with me all the time. We both discuss things as our thoughts are very similar and we are working together in this. Even Sanjay is a very fine director, did a very good job with Kaabil and I am very proud of him. Right now, he is busy with his Mumbai Saga shoot."

In case, you did not know, the Krish series includes Koi Mil Gaya, Krish 2, Krish 3 and now Krish 4 is set to roll. All films had Hrithik Roshan in the lead.

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