Video: Rakhi Sawant challenges wrestler, gets knocked out!

Rakhi Sawant being escorted out of the CWE ring after she was knocked out by a woman wrestler. Photo: Twitter

PANCHKULA: Rakhi Sawant, the controversial Bollywood dancer and actress, was badly injured after a woman wrestler lifted her up and threw her on the floor of the ring in Haryana’s Panchkula.

The incident took place at Continental Wrestling Entertainment, instituted by The Great Khali in 2015 in Jalandhar, Punjab. The match where Rakhi was injured was taking place at the Tau Devi Lal Stadium in Panchkula.

Rakhi was performing at the competition when she reportedly challenged a woman wrestler to a bout. The lady wrestler took the challenge seriously and Rakhi soon found herself on the wrong end of the argument.

Rakhi was apparently knocked out for a while after hitting the mat, where she lay supine, without moving at all. The worried authorities immediately rushed her to a hospital. Rakhi was later heard complaining about stomach and back ache.

The actress, though badly injured, is said to be stable.

However, some reports say that it was the lady wrestler who challenged Rakhi Sawant. The actress said that she was a dancer and invited the grappler for a dance competition instead. The event soon turned into a dance-off between Rakhi and the female wrestler.

Even as they were dancing, an argument broke out between Rakhi and the wrestler. Annoyed by Rakhi Sawant’s remarks, the lady wrestler just lifted her up and threw her on to the floor of the ring. A video of Rakhi lying on the ring floor is doing the rounds online. The 40-year-old is seen being escorted out of the ring by a woman police officer and the organisers.

Rakhi, in the last few days, has been in the news over her very public and ugly spat with Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta, who had raked up the issue of harassment and exploitation of women in the film industry when she accused Nana Patekar of inappropriate behaviour.

Rakhi Sawant last made headlines when she slapped a 25-paisa defamation suit on Tanushree Dutta.

Inputs: Agencies, India Today, NewsX