Rakhi Sawant got married after being held 'at gunpoint'?

Priyanka Bansal
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Rakhi Sawant got married after being held
Rakhi Sawant got married after being held

22 Feb 2021: Rakhi Sawant got married after being held 'at gunpoint'?

Rakhi Sawant's antics and stories kept people entertained throughout the 14th season of Bigg Boss.

And now, she has revealed another one of her unusual stories after coming out of the house.

Sawant shared that her husband, Ritesh, married her after some goon attempted to abduct her "at gunpoint."

Interestingly, the identity of her husband remained an intriguing mystery throughout the show.

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Quote: 'I was looking for someone to get away from goon'

Sawant, one of the five finalists on Bigg Boss 14, made the shocking claim after coming out of the house.

She was quoted as saying, "I was stuck in a bad situation, someone was going to kidnap me at gunpoint...Ritesh and I were talking and he really liked me, and I was looking for someone to marry to get away from the goon."

Details: The 42-year-old revealed she hasn't seen Ritesh since 2019

"Ritesh agreed to marry me. I began preparations for the wedding, but he didn't show up. When he finally decided to come, a few reporters found out about our wedding, and Ritesh escaped from the back-room of the hotel where our wedding took place," Sawant added.

The 42-year-old also revealed that she hasn't been in contact with her husband since their hush-hush 2019 wedding.

Mystery: Identity of Sawant's husband has remained a mystery till now

There have been constant rumors that Ritesh is a figment of Sawant's imagination.

The elusive spouse has also failed to make any public appearance, but Sawant, her brother and mother have insisted that he's not "fictional."

Comedian Bharti Singh is the only other person apart from her family who has confirmed Ritesh's existence.

Sawant also mentioned that he is married and has a child.

Journey: Sawant exited the controversial reality show with Rs. 14 lakh

Meanwhile, Sawant decided to walk away with a prize money of Rs. 14 lakh from Bigg Boss.

She later revealed that she was "bankrupt" before entering the house, but now she will use the prize money to pay for her mother's treatment who was detected with a cancerous tumor in her gallbladder.

Further, the Main Hoon Na actor also wishes to raise a child.