Rakhi Sawant: Tanushree Dutta Looks Like A Buffalo, All She Does Is Sit & Eat, She Has No Job

Vinod Dsouza

Just a week ago, Tanushree Dutta called Rakhi Sawant "A pig in the sewer who enjoys mudslinging" and Rakhi Sawant has not taken the comment lightly. During a video interview with RVCJ, Rakhi Sawant fumed at Tanushree for calling her a pig and said that Tanushree Dutta looks like a fat ugly buffalo and has no rights to name call other women. If that was not enough, Rakhi Sawant poked fun at Tanushree Dutta by saying that she's become like a buffalo as she just sits and eats all day and has no job.

Tanushree Dutta Looks Like A Buffalo, Says Rakhi Sawant

"Tanushree Dutta is the real pig and not me. She is the sewer and not me. Just look at her face, she has become like a fat ugly buffalo. All she does is just sit and eat, snort cocaine and other drugs, she has no job. She wants everything for free as she has no bank balance," said Rakhi Sawant in a video interview to RVCJ.

Tanushree Dutta Is Making Money Out Of The #MeToo Movement

"Tanushree Dutta is simply trying to make money out of the #MeToo movement and has been planted in India by America. They want to spoil India's image with the tag of a rapist country. She is a traitor and nothing else."

She Is Worth Just 25 Paise

"I first decided to file a defamtion case of Rs 50 Crore against Tanushree Dutta, but then I realised her value is nothing in the country so I chose 25 paisa as the defamation amount, That's all is her worth."

I Feel Bad For Her Parents, Says Rakhi Sawant

"I personally feel very bad for her parents. Believe me, they are such wonderful people. Even her sister is a wonderful woman. I appreciate them and will never speak anything against them," she said to RVCJ.

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