Ram Gopal Varma Talks About His Weird Camera Angles, His Obsession With Mafia World and Critics Who Love To Hate Him! (Watch LatestLY Exclusive Video!)

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These questions have gotten boring now. The topic of discussion is stale. But every time the maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma dishes out a new film, we beg to ask those same questions that make RGV such a unique personality. So we at LatestLY chat exclusively with Ramu as he serves the audience his new venture titled D-Company. The trailer has not exactly impressed us as the motifs of the brand (if one can call that) Ram Gopal Varma continues to haunt us.

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The weirdly placed cameras, the unusual angles, and the jerky movements that RGV was notorious for, ( that once got the cine-goers excited draw yawns from the audiences these days.) He is the same man who has given us cinematic gems such as Rangeela, Satya, Company, Bhoot, Sarkar, Sarkar Raj to mention a few. Why then Ramu chooses to be irrelevant? What's with the seemingly never-ending obsession with the dark world of the mafia, and why his critics feel that RGV has been only regressing with his films? We wanted to know the answers from the horse's mouth. Take a look at the exclusive interview below. Ram Gopal Varma Launches His OTT Platform Spark OTT, To Stream His Film 'D Company' From May 15

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D Company is a crime thriller it explores the dark underbelly of Mumbai of the 90s. The city is calm now, but what was it like back then when Dawood Ibrahim stepped into the underworld forty years ago? Ram Gopal Varma narrates how Dawood Ibrahim grew up to be a gangster in a short time. The first part is the story of how Dawood Ibrahim, who works with Anna, formed his own Dawood gang and then dives into the underworld saga.

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