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Bermuda Triangle

Many scientists have come forward with explanations, many times, still the mystery of Bermuda Triangle remains to be solved till date. Also known as Devil’s Triangle, in the past 100 years the triangual area spread between Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda Island has claimed over 1000 lives, numerous ships, boats, and planes. Reasons are ascribed to alien activities, mythological underwater cities, techninal and geographical charachterists and so on. On an average, we lose about 4 airplanes and 20 yatchs to this traphole every year.

Ram Setu to Bermuda Triangle, our planet is full of mysteries - here are 10 of them

Our planet, with numerous secrets hidden in its layers, never ceases to surprise us. Some of these mysteries are easy to explain, while others challenge and leave the most learned and experienced of scientists frustrated.

Here are 10 such natural occurrences on Earth that have brought the explorers, science lovers, and astronomers at the end of their wits.