Ramayana trilogy on its way! The road is challenging says, Nitesh Tiwari

FE Online

Filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari is working on a new project- Ramayana. He is set to direct the movie which will be shot in 3D. The films will be made in three languages- Hindi, Telugu and Tamil where the producer will be Madhu Mantena. While the movie is set to be made, the director feels that the road ahead will be challenging as the onus of making the trilogy appealing for elders as well as kids fall on them, PTI reported. According to the report, Tiwari believes that it is crucial to tell the story in the right way to the kids and maintain the faith of an elder who has grown up watching or listening to the Ramayana. The report said that Tiwari wants to maintain a level where it becomes exciting for people to sit and watch.

For Tiwari, the saga is "magical." Indian filmmakers have not attempted to turn Ramayana into a movie and it possesses many magical qualities, the filmmaker told PTI. Stories like these where animals are talking and the forests allows a world that has not been seen on big screens, the report said. While shooting this would require heavy preparations, Tiwari feels that with the right technology, the experience can be gratifying. The movie is expected to be entertaining in such a manner that viewers should be glued to their seats. "The execution should be entertaining," the director said.

Meanwhile, no actor from Bollywood has been finalised for the parts yet. The director is likely to go for pan-India casting as they would be needing a lot of actors. The project is expected to start by the year-end.

Nitesh Tiwari has given many blockbusters to the Indian film industry. Some of his works include Dangal, Chhichhore, Chillar Party, Bhootnath Returns, and Bareilly ki Barfi among others.