This is where Ranbir Kapoor loves to eat when he's in Mumbai

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Photo: Aijaz Rahi/AP
Photo: Aijaz Rahi/AP

Guide to Ranbir Kapoor's favourite restaurants in the city

He may be holed up at his home right now squeezing in just a walk in his apartment complex with girlfriend Alia Bhatt but it’s safe to say, Ranbir Kapoor is looking forward to a time when the coronavirus scare is well behind us so he can make his way to his favourite restaurants.

Make no mistake, Ranbir Kapoor is, after all, a Kapoor and if there’s one thing we know about the Kapoors is that they love their food. As for Ranbir, sure he loves to shop and is crazy about sneakers and collects art (yes, he does), but if there’s something he really loves, it’s having good food. His friends from HR College will likely remember him spending more time outside HR than in the classes. Ranbir loves his dosas and, even today, you’re likely to see his car parked at a safe distance at dosawallahs in Juhu than anywhere else.

But it doesn’t mean that Ranbir doesn’t have an evolved palette. When the folks over at Man’s World put him on the spot, Ranbir Kapoor spilled out his three favourite restaurants.

The first of these is Wasabi by Morimoto, the hip Japanese restaurant inside the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel in Mumbai. Wasabi’s Japanese fare features sushi and rare sake and a meal for two should put you back by Rs 10,000 at the very least.

Then there is KOKO in Lower Parel that’s known for its Sunday brunches and innovations with the bar menu. Typically, a meal for two should cost you north of Rs 3,000

Finally, there is Masque. One of the rare stand-alone truly fine-dining restaurants in Mumbai, Masque refuses to box itself. Ingredients are at the heart of Masque’s 10-course tasting menu. This also means, that the menu changes more often than you could care to count as the seasonal produce changes too. Masque is one of the few restaurants in Mumbai that follows a farm-to-table approach to their food. It also grows its own produce, which puts Masque in a very exclusive (and not to mention, expensive) club. A meal for two at Masque will burn a hole of Rs 8,000 or so in your pocket so go prepared.

So there you have it – the restaurants where you’re likely to spot Ranbir Kapoor having a meal. Fat chance of that happening anytime soon though. As you saw earlier, he doesn’t seem keen on leaving the security of his apartment anytime soon.