Ranbir Kapoor lands in an embarrassing situation as dad Rishi Kapoor lashes out at a fan – watch video

Rajat Tripathi
Rishi Kapoor lashes out at a fan

Rishi Kapoor is quite popular for lashing out at the media and fans. In the latest display of his attitude, he reprimanded a fan who was trying to click a selfie with Ranbir, when he was out with his family for dinner.

Video footage of the incident has surfaced online in which we first see Ranbir and Rishi, with Neetu Kapoor, Riddhima and her daughter, making an exit from a resto. They pose for the paparazzi stationed right outside and moved ahead. Ranbir escorts his family to their car when one female fan tries to get a picture with him but her request is turned down. While everyone moves forward, Rishi takes a minute to give the fan a piece of his mind.

With the evidence at hand, it seems like Rishi heard the fan uttering “How rude was that!’ after Ranbir refused the pic. The female fan can be heard saying that it was not what she said and she agrees with what Rishi is saying. All this while, Ranbir is standing there looking cluelessly at the conversation going on. Check out the video here:

Well, fans have to agree that a celebrity might not always be in the mood to take a picture and have all the rights in the world to turn your request down. Also, Ranbir should remember the time when Natalie Portman shut his request for a pic down, and how bad he felt, next time he comes across a situation similar to last night. And Rishi needs no more arguments with fans and media to his credit. We have seen enough of that.