Ranbir Kapoor In Two Minds To Team Up With Ranveer Singh For A Commercial?

When a superstar is paired opposite a lesser known actor, seldom do we experience issues between them. But, when a brand approaches two big stars to team up together then it becomes a matter of concern for the stars as well as for their respective teams. After all, who would want to get overshadowed by another talented actor?! It happens, doesn't it? 

Now, our source informs us that Ranbir Kapoor is in talks with an aerated drink brand to become their brand ambassador soon. The deal is almost final. But there is a catch to the story. Apparently, the brand has approached Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh to appear together in their commercial once Ranbir is on board officially, since Ranveer Singh already endorses the same aerated drink brand.

Ranbir Kapoor has however denied the offer for reasons best known to him--- but the brand has offered him more time to think again and are also ready to pay him an extra moolah if he agrees to do it.

Just a few days ago, reports of Ranbir Kapoor and Mrs Singh all set to work together in a commercial after 4 years, had grabbed headlines. Now, let's wait and watch if we will see Mr Kapoor with Mr Singh as well.

Image Source:- Wooden-boats-plan/instagram/ranveersingh/ranbirkapoor

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