Rand Paul booed after suggesting people wait for elections instead of impeaching Trump

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul visited The Daily Show With Trevor Noah on Tuesday to promote his new book The Case Against Socialism. However, the conversation over socialism soon turned into a contentious debate about capitalism.

Paul argued that capitalism has led to a U.S. economy that is much stronger today than ever before. While Noah agreed that certain things like food are cheaper, he argued several other things like housing, education and healthcare are much more expensive than ever.

When the topic of President Trump’s impeachment inquiry came up, Paul soon found himself butting heads with the studio audience. “I think there's a real danger to becoming a country where everything is so criminalized,” said Paul, “We're going to have an election in a year, can we not just sorta’ wait for a year to decide who will run the government?” This was immediately followed by boos from the audience.

Despite the contentious interview, in the end both Paul and Noah agreed to disagree. Noah said, “I love having you on the show because we argue, we just go back and forth.”

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11 p.m. on Comedy Central.

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