Randy Tobing’s story on becoming a renowned influencer inspires millions

A person’s work speaks by the place he lives in. But Randy Tobing goes on a different path with his inspiring blogging journey. He is based out of Indonesia – the country where blogging is not that popular among people. His passion and love for art opened doors for him which saw him become a top influencer and a fashion blogger.

Western culture had played a very vital role when Randy was growing up. Influenced by it, he developed his love for art and his artistic work which people see today is inspired by his childhood experiences. ‘Apostrophe Comma’ was his first fashion brand which primarily sold sneakers online and later also entered into other fashion and lifestyle products. However, his brand got a great boost when celebrities and top Instagram influencers collaborated with the fashion blogger.

When asked about how his journey has been so far, Randy Tobing said, “Coming from the third world country is not an excuse. You can sell anything with branding, even a used plastic bag. Nowadays, if you have an internet connection, a laptop, and a smartphone, you can make a million dollars despite being a student in school.” Over the years, he has travelled to many countries of the world as a business consultant to make people aware of online business.

He believes that in today’s time, social media is a very powerful force. The popular fashion blogger wants many manufacturers and retailers to promote their brands on social media; particularly on Facebook and Instagram. Apart from this, his other brand, 'HYPE ON HYPE' became everyone’s favourite within Hypebeast community and his world-class art designs have left many people impressed. Today his work and the journey of becoming a fashion blogger has been an inspiration for many people around the world.