Rangoli just slammed Deepika and it involves Ranbir Kapoor's underwear

Rangoli Chandel who takes a dig at every other person from the film fraternity again went on a Twitter rant quoting Deepika Padukone. Rangoli shared an article in which Deepika is talking about her ex flame Ranbir Kapoor’s boxers.

Kangana’s last release revolved around lot of controversies and ended up being modified as ‘Judgementall Hai Kya’ that was earlier titled ‘Mental Hai Kya’. When media asked about Deepika’s opinion on changing the name Deepika had said, "Mental illness wasn't made to be understood for so many years. We shouldn't stereotype it. We're not going to progress that way. I think that where we need to be a little sensitive." This didn’t go well with Rangoli who slammed Deepika.

When fans accused Rangoli of mocking Deepika she wrote “Arrey baba how did I mock her? Yesterday she said that Kangana should have not made a film with title Mental hai Kya, title was changed there is no film called mental hai kya!! Toh we just wondering kis cheez ke side effects hain yeh �?”

A user replying to this statement said, “Side effects of smelling ranbir’s boxers”, to which Rangoli retweeted stating, “Ha ha ha a woman in steady relationship with another man goes on record and says that I still love my ex boyfriend’s boxers, for bollywood this is class, matlab english mein kachche ko boxer bolo toh classy hai”

She brought back an article in the media dated in 2015 and wrote, "Deepika ke fans mujh par baras pade hain, yeh dekho maine thode kaha usne kaha hai,main bhi hairan hun jo insaan apne co actors ke kachchon mein ghusa rehta hai,usse kya pata film ka title change hokr film release & critically acclaimed hokr ja chuki hai."

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