Rani Mukerji Birthday Special: Throwback To The Time When The Mardaani Star Vehemently Denied Her Relationship With Aditya Chopra

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Ranu Mukerji is happily married to producer Aditya Chopra. They have a lovely little daughter. There was time when rumours of Rani's relationship with Aditya Chopra who likes to keep his life private were rife. People supposedly secretly called her the 'maalkin' at Yash Raj. When I had asked Rani about this during an interview, she had reacted strongly. "Who has? Not on my face. And it’s certainly not true. The Yash Raj unit completely loves me. But where I am the boss? I know people want to know about my life. But sorry I can’t keep issuing clarifications every day about this and that. I know other actresses love issuing rebuttals. But if I do that where will I find the time to work?"

So I asked what’s the truth about your friendship with Mr Aditya Chopra? "I’ll say one thing. I’m not engaged and certainly not married …not intending to do either in the near future. There’s absolutely no relationship with Mr Aditya Chopra beyond a producer. I’ve done lots of films with the Chopras and I’ll continue doing so. Such baseless talk won’t prevent me from working with one of my favourite banners. Yash Uncle (Chopra) has always believed in my talent. He’s someone who’s extremely special in my life and career."

I wondered if such rumours had made things uncomfortable for her vis a vis Yash Raj? She said, "Not at all. When there’s no truth to the gossip why should our relationship get affected? It might be hurting the spoilsports that I’m doing so many films with Yash Raj. Why not? Working with them is a joy. I won’t allow the work atmosphere to be polluted by vicious idle talk. If I stop working with them I’ll be playing into the hands of those who want to spoil things between me and the Chopras."

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When asked if she is getting married, Rani Mukerji said, "I don’t know. Journalists who play Gods know better. Maybe they can tell me. I hope I find someone soon. So I can put an end to all this loose talk about me and Adi."

Later I came to know that Aditya and Rani have mutually decided to keep their relationship under wraps until marriage. Rani vehemently denied being a resident Yash Raj heroine. "I resent that observation. I go only by the script . If Yashraj are doing so many films that I enjoy why should I avoid them only because people might put two-and-two together and add up to five. It’s wrong to say that I’m doing only Yashraj films, I did Kabhi Alvidaa Na Kehna , Babul and Saawariya which are not Yashraj films. I’ve to be excited by what I’m offered. In Kunal’s film I play an angel. I’ve never seen anyone play an angel before. There has to be something new for me to do."

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This was Rani before she actually married Aditya Chopra. Over the years she hasn't changed much. She stills longs for roles that challenge her as an actress. And she still misses her Yash Uncle who remainded her role -model even after her world changed completely.

Image Source: Instagram/ranimukerji_official

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