Ranu Mondal is going viral again, this time for her 'terrible make-up'

Ranu Mondal became an overnight sensation with a viral video and she once again became the talk of the town after a picture of her wearing make-up went viral. The horrendous make-up evoked a lot of comparisons with horror figures from popular movies and gave trolls fodder for memes.

Ranu’s make-up artist’s attempt to beautify and enhance the singer’s look resulted in using too much foundation and layers of make-up visible on her face. While some users made memes, others bashed the make-up artist for overdoing it.

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One of the users said "Happy belated halloween. #RanuMandal #aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa #"

Some users came to Ranu’s defence and said that she should be left alone.

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A user said "Ok so first of all u guys really love to troll someone else....cool bcz (sic) it will only affect (sic) on their mind and yes bollywood need to understand that natural beauty is the best but dont (sic) troll her she dont (sic) deserves it"

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Meanwhile, Mondal joined singer-composer Himesh Reshammiya for the second time to create a new version of the 2006 hit song 'Ashiqui mein teri' for the film 'Happy Hardy and Heer'. The song 'Ashiqui mein teri 2.0' was released on Thursday, Nov 14.

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Earlier that week, the singer went viral once again when a video surfaced on social media. In the video, Ranu was seen getting annoyed at a fan who touched her for a selfie. She was seen giving instructions to the fan not to touch her.

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Ranu used to sing at a platform of Ranaghat Railway station where someone made a video of her and shared it on social media, owing to which she became an overnight sensation.

Himesh Reshammiya came across this video and signed her for a song.

However, in September, she made it to the news when her estranged daughter Elizabeth Sathi Roy, claimed that she didn't know her mother used to sing on the railway platform, because she could not visit her mother regularly.

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Sathi added that, contrary to reports that she reunited with her mother only after the latter courted overnight fame, the two of them were always in touch.

Since her stardom, Ranu has unknowingly but constantly kept herself in the news. Be it through Lata Mangeshkar's view on her or the fake news that Salman Khan has gifted her a flat.

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