Ranveer Singh says he's not religious but prays to this entity

Ranveer Singh has time and again channelled his personality like that of a rainbow. While he has never mentioned his religious allegiance or where his beliefs reside, the actor got candid in an interview with Vogue on the same.

Ranveer has tasted success after sheer hard work and determination. With his stints in the now Oscar nominated Gully Boy, to the upcoming sports drama ’83, for a man who’s juggling it all, how does Ranveer cope? Singh replies with his recent morning ritual: “After hair and makeup, I get down on my knees in my [vanity] van and pray. I am not religious. But I believe in some kind of higher power. And I just say a prayer of gratitude.”

Singh also added that under those ripped muscles that channel his masculinity, his soul is feminine. He mentions that his world revolves around the women in his life—his grandmother, mother, sister and now his wife. “I was brought up by strong women. My soul is feminine.”

Ranveer, who awaits the release of his sports drama ’83, has been reportedly roped on to play the male lead in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Baiju Bawra.

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